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Belgium, this is where I’m from. Also small as I am (that’s not always a disadvantage as you may think), my country is known for its Chocolate and beers. But these are not the only things that worth the trip! The list is unlimited but to be short Belgium is also known for welcoming the capital of Europe, Brussels; its really old architecture; its friendly inhabitants; its Belgian waffles and the least but not last … its fries. Because yes my dear, fries should be called the “Belgian fries” instead of the “French fries”!

But this blog isn’t about chocolate, beers or even Belgium; it is about the wonderful experience I am currently living in New York.

Just before getting started, a brief overview of myself might be useful. My name is Elaine. I was born in 1989 and raised in Belgium (as you already know). Oui je parle français. I lived for 18 years in the suburb of the capital, before going to university in Brussels. I undergraduated in Information and Communication at Facultés Universitaires Saint Louis (FUSL). Then, I started a first master’s degree in Corporate and Marketing Communication at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). More than a year ago, I decided to change the path my life was taking and posed an application at New York University in order to complete an other master’s degree. And guess what? After 3 months of waiting and turning crazy, I received a really beautiful … email (paper versions are apparently over) saying that I was accepted. The adventure was ready to begin! As it is of now, I am enrolled in a second master’s degree in Integrated Marketing. I hope that this new program will give me the keys to pursue my professional and personal dreams.

As I said, this blog will be dedicated to the amazing experience I have in New York, this all-big … what am I saying … GIGANTIC and impressive city that does not have any comparison from what I have seen up to now. New York City is really DA place where you can meet every possible situations you’ve seen on movies or even in your dreams.

In conclusion, my goal with the creation of this blog is to talk and comment either weird, unexpected or interesting situations or places met in the city.


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