New York City, The New Stage For Horror TV Shows?

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February 14, 2014 by elainelorent

The answer is YES! In no more than 6 months, the city has been subject to a certain number of pranks from different giant broadcasters to promote their horror movies or TV show release. Among all those pranks, the most famous ones were:

In October 18, a lady pretending to have super powers tricked people in a coffee by moving stuff with her hands. The goal? Promoting the remake “Carrie“, a classic horror movie. Number of view on YouTube: 54 188 663.

In January, it was a baby on his or her stroller jumping out, screaming, growling and giving finger to terrify people who were passing by. The goal? Promoting the horror movie « Devil’s Due ». Number of view on YouTube: 42 459 644.

Last week (Feb. 9), it was zombies emerging out of the sidewalk grates to grab people’s legs. The goal? Promoting the new season of “The Walking Dead“. Number of view on YouTube: 3 673 181.

But as you may know, the ultimate goal of these videos is not to only scare people on the street. If it was the case, only what? 50, maybe 100 people would be aware of the release? Not interesting for a giant broadcaster. The goal is essentially to go viral and to increase the awareness of their movie right before the release. In other words, it is to create a short video that will be shared by people because the content is attractive and creative. Ultimately, the producers hope that these will be more inclined to watch their show or movie later on.

The problem with those pranks is that they have started to be done so often, with always the same idea behind: “scaring people”, that they have turned less and less attractive as time flies by. Only by watching the number of views they collected, you can basically say that they experienced a drop in popularity as the second, the third, and so forth was played.

Apparently, the online community does not want to share them anymore. Why is that? In my opinion, the main issue hidden behind this drop in popularity is that these trick are not that different from each other. I have to admit that I judged the first one (cf: “Carry”) as really impressive and cool, I watched it several times to see again and again people scared face on it, I shared it and I talked about it with my friends: the classical “oh have you seen this video? You got to watch it now!”. To say, this video was even shared on Facebook by people living in Europe. But the other ones? Nope, not the same success.

Also, if you take a look at the release date of these videos online, they were not launched that far from each other. Then, hoping that people won’t express reluctance to share them is a little bit idiotic. I don’t know how you see the interaction and participation on social media, but I am convinced that there are numerous rules individuals respect in order to not be categorized as “boring” or “stupid” by their friends. Don’t publish the same thing twice is one of them I think, at least for me and the online community I am part of.

Sop, in conclusion here’re some simple tips to who ever thinks about creating a viral video for a horror production:

  1. First, if you want your video to be shared, you need to be way more innovative than what has been done before when you create your script. Simply trying to scare people on the street does not work anymore.
  2. Second, watch out what was done before and when. I mean, you can do the best video ever but if your competitor or even an other production within your own company has done the exact same thing three days before, it isn’t gonna work. So stay aware of your market place, and talk to each other.
  3. And finally, don’t do that to me. Please. I’m more than a scary cat, I am part of this generation that was terrorized by the TV show “X-files”. I know that it wasn’t that horrible, but when you’re 8 or 9, it is! Last year they revisited the integral of the show, and even the preview and the music gave me goose bumps. To be even more honest, I had to change the chain to stop freaking out.

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