Real Belgian Fries … In New York City?


February 4, 2014 by elainelorent

I had to start this blog by telling one of the first very stories that happened to me during my first week in the city. My roommate (who’s from Miami) asked me to come with him for dinner after my evening class. He had a “surprise”. He was super excited about a place he wanted to show me. This is how I ended up in front of a restaurant called “Pomme Frite – Authentic Belgian Fries”. Who the heck would have believe that I would stop in front of a restaurant holding the name of my country in New York City?

Capture d’écran 2014-02-03 à 23.23.51

Other than being super curious about the place, I was wondering if their products would worth the one I tasted before. Remember? Belgium. fries. THE national product. And so forth.

We ordered our meal like we usually do in a restaurant. And I have to admit that it was surprisingly good!

The place proposes only three products: a regular, a large or a double pack of fries. Plus, their prices are reasonable for the city. A pack will cost you respectively $4.5, $6.25 and $7.75. And believe me, with a regular one, you already have more than enough! What was impressive was the number of sauces the restaurant was offering. If my memories are exact, it was above the twenty different kinds! Passing from the “traditional European mayonnaise” to the “pomegranate teriyaki mayonnaise” or the “wild mushroom mayonnaise”. Even if I don’t know which one of these were, it was imposing on the board! The only thing that was missing to make the place an authentic “baraque à frite” (name given to restaurants where they serve fries in Belgium) was a “tartare sauce”! Then, “Pomme Frite” if you hear me out, please make that sauce available in your place!


Also, what makes this place original is that they give you your fries in a traditional cone made with paper, exactly how we receive them in Belgium. Furthermore, they have integrated to the table inside the restaurant holes that can support your pack. You can then eat while your fries are gently posed in front of you, without any chance of falling down. This time, Belgian people if you hear me out, that’s an idea to develop!

Capture d’écran 2014-02-03 à 23.28.19

In conclusion, they weren’t speaking French or Dutch at Pomme Frite, but I truly didn’t care. It was really good to feel a little bit like at home for an hour!

For the most interested ones, the restaurant is located on 123 2nd Avenue (between 7th Street and St Marks Pl). Here’s their website:



2 thoughts on “Real Belgian Fries … In New York City?

  1. Sophy says:

    Take me there pleeease~~~

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